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About Me


My name is Sammie,

I like to eat, and eat healthily so that i have the energy to go about my everyday life and help people lead as healthy a lifestyle as much as they would love to and thus live a happy life.


I did not start off knowing the meaning of eating healthily. Instead, any food that looked nice, tasted good was okay for me as I was not choosy about food, just enough to keep me going. It had been like that in my home country in Asia all my life then and I was in a pretty healthy condition except for that occasional coughs and sore throats which went away quickly after taking some Chinese herbs.

After coming to New York, USA, I thought things would be the same. However, I was wrong, very, very, very wrong. I went through the hard way to realize that not all food here can be eaten like I used to eat in my home country. I need to be selective about what to eat in order to have a healthy body. I regret that I did not take the warning of a book that I came across when I first came to New York.

Why I Want To Help People

Now that I am well after having fallen into the “American Food Trap” (I was very, very sick but fortunately, through the help of my Teacher, friends, doctors and nurses, I was able to get up and recover), I believe I have the calling to provide to you, as a visitor to my website, the collection of healthy lifestyle tips through my research and personal experience so that we can all have a say as to what we want to put into our bodies. When more and more people are aware of what are healthy foods, it will help make such healthy foods more available and affordable for everyone.

As this collection of healthy lifestyle tips is not exhaustive and is ongoing because I am discovering new tips everyday, I welcome all of you, as visitors to my website to also share what you think and discover so that together, we can influence and change the American food industry to be a healthier one for our present and future generations.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and discoveries in the comments below.



Note: In some of the posts, you can find affiliate links helping you to find products that you may wish to purchase or research on, as an Amazon Associate, as well as other carefully-selected companies’ affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases, which goes on to support the time and efforts used in providing tips on this website for my lovely readers.

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