Omega Juicer Review

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Omega Juicer Review

Some years back, I was trying to bring life back into my sluggish body which had been victimized by the American diet that I decided to turn to juicing to clean up my body internally. In the initial period, I needed to juice every day and to buy a glass of juice for every meal was too much a  hassle and a burden on the budget. Thus I started to research on a suitable juicer that could perform what I needed and I found the Omega Brand of juicers. They have different juicers and blenders that fit your needs and I chose the Omega J8008C Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center.

Here let me share with you the Omega juicer review, in particular, the Omega J8008C Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center.

There are many reasons why I choose the Omega J8008C Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center. They are as follows:

Slow and Steady is the Way

The Omega J8008C juicer operates at a slow speed, only 80 RPM, thus minimizing heat build-up and oxidation, retaining most of the nutrients and vitamins of the vegetables and fruits that pass through the juicer and when stored in a glass container in the fridge, it can last you the whole day. Whenever I want to just live on juice for a day, usually on my day off, I will juice all the vegetables and fruits that I need for the whole day first thing in the morning, pour all the juice into a 2-litre glass container with a cover and store in the fridge. I pour however much I need to drink(or eat) whenever I want. It can last me for the whole day. You can find many recipes of juicing online that serve different purposes for the body.

Quiet Operation

The Omega J8008C juicer works quietly and doesn’t wake up the whole household when you juice. This is especially helpful when you have little ones at home, or even adults who are having that extra few hours more of sleep during their rest days.

Cleaning is a Breeze

The Omega J8008C juicer is easy to clean as most of the pulp has been ejected automatically during the juicing process. It takes me less than 10 minutes to dismantle the parts, wash them clean and left in a pot to air dry..

15 Year Warranty

The Omega J8008C juicer comes with a 15-year warranty. That means the juicer can last you a long time as the company is willing to give that long a period of warranty.

Nutrition Center

Apart from being able to juice your favorite greens and fruits, it is also a nutrition center. It can turn nuts into nut butter, mince herbs and garlic, make baby food and frozen desserts and grind coffee and spices.The parts that come into contact with the produce and food are BPA free.


The Omega J8008C Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center is a great choice when you want a juicing diet with most of the nutrients and vitamins still intact in the juice. Last but not least, chew your juice slowly as you drink as if you are chewing your vegetables and fruits. So that the juice mix well with the saliva before going into your stomach as the mouth is the first and very important (but often neglected) stage of our digestive system.

Check out more details on the Omega J8008C Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center from here.

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