Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tip No. 5

Welcome to the Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tip No. 5.

Let us look at Tip No. 5 as follows:

Tip No. 5 – Remove Toxins In The Body

Why do we need to remove toxins in the body?

Under normal circumstances, our body has the ability to get rid of toxins on its own, through the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin(when we sweat, especially during summer) and through answering nature’s call.

However, in today’s sophisticated technological world, toxins are plentiful in our environment and if we do not take precaution to prevent these toxins from getting into our body, the quantity can be too overwhelming for our body to cope and when our body cannot remove the toxins fast enough and new ones get absorbed, over time, the accumulated toxins will create havoc to our body and our health will start to deteriorate. Examples of these complications or illnesses include joint arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, autism in children, weight gain, just to name a few. Thus it is important to remove toxins in the body(also known as detoxing) before they start to do damage to our health.

What Does Detoxing Do For Your Body?

When we detox our body, we are enhancing our body’s own natural ability to get rid of toxins. We do this by preventing too much toxins from getting into our body that exceed its ability to cope and at the same time, get rid of those toxins that have accumulated in our body. When our body is rid of these toxins, we perform better, we work better, we get slimmer, we lose excess fats, we become more agile, the benefits are endless…

Take for instance, your car. Your vehicle can run smoothly under normal circumstances. However, if you do not send your vehicle for maintenance and service on a timely manner, dust and dirt and chemical residuals build up in the engine parts and overtime, these foreign substances will choke up the engine and one day, you will find your car refusing to move.

Likewise, under normal circumstances, our body has the ability to get rid of toxins on its own, through the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin(when we sweat, especially during summer) and through answering nature’s call. However, in the environment that we live in today, especially in the city, we are constantly exposed to toxins that can be too overwhelming for our body to get rid of in a timely manner, to make things worse, our city is not built to make it friendly to answer nature’s call (i.e. having restrooms at strategic locations throughout the city to make it convenient for people to go to the restrooms when nature calls). Most of the time, we have to hold back the urge to answer nature’s call because we need to look for restrooms that  are so inaccessible, When we cannot go to the restrooms in time, these toxins which are supposed to be purged out gets re-absorbed back into our body and get accumulated. Over period of time, we start to get sick and all kinds of health problems occur. (As an example, when patients are recovering in hospitals, the nurses and doctors get very happy when the patients can pooh and pee and pass out gas (pardon me for being too blunt), which means the patients’ bodies are recovering and gaining their natural ability to get rid of toxins via answering nature’s call…. another example: you see people walking their dogs on the street, the dogs will pooh and pee whenever they feel the urge to do so, when the dogs are able to do these, they are fine and run around very actively. As the dogs age, the ability to answer nature’s call becomes weaker, they start to get constipation, fall sick and finally return Home …. how i wish the New York authorities can build more public restrooms so that we do not have to hold ourselves whenever we need to answer nature’s call. Building more public restrooms can in turn save a lot of medical bills, reduce the number of sick leave and increase work productivity because people get less sick if they can purge toxins from their bodies in a timely manner (In some Asian countries, you can find public restrooms everywhere. The people there are healthier than New Yorkers….also these public restrooms create job opportunities). Then the subways and sidewalks will not smell of human urine…. if you know what I mean, thus reducing diseases spreading from these human waste in public places. The authorities can then educate the public to use the public restrooms whenever they have the urge to answer nature’s call and not to do it in public places like the subways and sidewalks.

How Do We Get Toxins?

Through the air: As we walk along the streets, we breathe in synthetic chemicals, paint, second-hand cigarette smoke, dust on the streets blown up by passing vehicles, exhaust fumes, debris from construction buildings etc. We are also constantly exposed to radiation from cell phones, LCD screens etc.

Through food: America is a country where you are overwhelmed with processed foods made up of ingredients that include high fructose corn syrup, GMOs and hundreds of chemicals to make them cheap to manufacture, cheap to buy but taste good and look nice to get you addicted. Sugar, believe it or not, is a “drug”, a legalized drug. Once you get hooked onto sugar, it is difficult to get off the “drug”. It will make you want to eat more of it and your body starts to get messed up. Almost all processed foods (if you read the ingredients carefully, contain SUGAR !!! They call it different names; like high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, dextrose, even if it is ORGANIC SUGAR, it is still sugar.) That is why once you eat processed foods, you find yourself wanting more and more of them. Even thinking about them when you are working…. It is that addictive. That is why many Americans and unsuspecting immigrants who come to this country find it so difficult to stay slim (Refer to Tip No 3 – Cutting out Processed Foods From Diet).

Through water: The water that flows through the tap may contain many contaminants which we do not want in our drinking water if we do not filter it. These contaminants, some of which are toxic will be very damaging to our health when consumed over a period of time.

Through insufficient sleep: When we stay up late to finish that pressing piece of work to meet deadlines, or socialize because we finished work late, we go to sleep late and miss the hours that our body starts to self-heal, our immune system breaks down and we are more vulnerable to the toxins mentioned above.

So the next question is: How to remove toxins from the body(or detox)

How To Remove Toxins From The Body

The human body is equipped with its natural ability to remove toxins, However in this highly technological world that we live in today, this natural ability can be hindered. Fortunately there are ways to enhance it. The following list down a number of ways:

– Drink filtered water (Refer to Tip No. 1: Filter Tap Water at home) or spring water, at least half a gallon a day which can help to flush out toxins and lubricate our joints

– Eat organic fruits and vegetables. They are more expensive to produce than conventional ones. However, we don’t want to consume chemicals and synthetic pesticides which are present in conventional ones. We pay a little extra now to save on Huge medical bills later.

– Eat Organic meat and wild-caught seafood

– Cut out processed food and added sugar from your diet . If you really must have something sweet in your food, replace sugar with organic fruits. Sugar, whether organic or not, is the culprit for weight gain and the stubborn fat that refused to go away, Thus if you can do without sugar, this is the first step to weight loss.

Scientist John Yudkin was the first to sound the alarm about the excess of sugar in the diet of modern Americans. His classic exposé, Pure, White, and Deadly, clearly and engagingly describes how sugar is damaging our bodies, why we eat so much of it, and what we can do to stop. He explores the ins and out of sugar, from the different types—is brown sugar really better than white?—to how it is hidden inside our everyday foods, and how it is harming our health.
In 1972, Yudkin was mostly ignored by the health industry and media, but the events of the last forty years have proven him spectacularly right.

Remove wheat from your diet. (Refer to Tip No. 7 – Eliminate Wheat From Your Diet)

– Install air purifiers in your home and office (Refer to Tip No. 4: Purify The Air At Home).

– Go for an all organic juicing diet for 2 to 3 consecutive days every month. This will enable our digestive system to take a break from working so hard to digest the solid foods that we put in our body every day. Refer to my post on a good juicer review; namely the Omega Juicer Review.

– If juicing is not for you, brew yourself a cup of tea using good organic black sesame seeds after every meal. According to studies, black sesame seeds can help relieve constipation due to the high fiber content and unsaturated fatty acid content. The oil found in the seed can lubricate your intestines while the fiber in the seeds helps in smooth bowel movements.

– Get enough sleep. There is no fixed number of hours. Some people need more while others less. Listen to your body.

– De-stress at the end of the day for an hour by going for a jog, a walk or just simply meditate. Do at least one of these activities every day.

– Listen to classical music while doing chores at home (Refer to Tip No. 6: Listen to Classical Music).


Congratulations to yourself for completing 5 out of the Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips !!!

Whenever you are ready, and game enough to overcome more challenges, join us as we move on to Tip No. 6.



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