Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tip No. 6

Welcome to the Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tip No. 6.

Let us look at Tip No. 6 as follows

Tip No. 6 –  Listen to Classical Music

When I was a teenager, I listened to classical music whenever I took a break from the tight schedule of school lessons and homework. It helped to ease my mind from the demand of school activities like tests and exams. One of my classmates had been playing piano since she was a kid. During our school music lessons, sometimes our music teacher would ask her to perform for us. I loved to watch her play. When she was not playing piano, she was just like the usual school kid but more composed than the rest. Once she sat at the piano, she would sit with a pianist pose (if you know what i mean) and I liked to watch her as she glided her fingers so smoothly across the piano keys. Music just filled the classroom and the atmosphere was that artistic. I took up some music instrumental lessons like the piano and guitar after graduation but did not pursue the hobby due to the demand of work. I thought that was the end of my association with classical music then until a concert performing in New York brought me here. When I was first introduced to this concert, my first impression of the concert was a dancing show. However as the curtain lifted up, the opening scene plus the live symphony orchestra was so amazing that i did not want to blink my eyes, the beautiful costumes, the graceful dancers, the huge and at times animated backdrop, the music that accompanies the dancers’ movements (played live by the symphony orchestra in the pit in front of the stage), the story line of the whole concert that transport the audience to thousands of years back in this civilization, and then to the present time of the society, the teachings of the legendary stories depicted in the show…. how i wished it would go on and on even when the two hours and fifteen minutes showtime was over. For those of you who may have watched the concert in your city, you may have by now guessed the name of the show. Yes, it is Shen Yun, a show that took the  world by storm as they perform in hundreds of cities during the month of December to the following year’s month of May. Six companies toured the world every year, bringing happiness and hopes in the future to millions of audience everywhere they perform.

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is the music of Shen Yun. It is also performing live in a few cities every year. You can visit to see if it is performing in your city. However, if you cannot go to the concert, you can purchase  the latest album of Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra in the link below:

The website provides many teachings on classical music, the Shen Yun show and classical Chinese dance. I cannot stop myself from visiting it again and again as there are so much information i can learn from there.

One of the lessons taught on the website was the health  benefits your body will experience when you listen to classical music.

That is why I listen to classical music whenever I do my chores at home. I encourage you to incorporate this tip in your lifestyle too.

Enjoy your new discovery!



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Reader Comments

  1. Todd Matthews

    I’ve always felt more relaxed and much more creative when listening to classical music, however, I’ve also discovered its usage in the gym when working out, but at with a heavy metal twist called symphonic metal, and others might refer to it as neoclassical metal. For all scenarios of my life, classical music just works better, in any capacity, than other types of music these days. I’d much rather attend a classical music concert over the mainstream stuff we hear of today. Nothing puts the mind at ease, yet in such a positive mood, as classical music. 

    • Sammie

      Yes, you are right, Todd. I learned that classical music uses the five notes of the pentatonic scale which can put our various human organs in harmony with nature. That is why we feel good when we listen to classical music. Here are some samples of classical music that I like to listen to.

      Hope you like them too!



  2. Nuttanee

    Hi Sammie,

    I am the same way, when I am stressed out for whatever reason, I always turn to music. There is something about the music that us human are drawn to. You probably have seen babies just jumping up and down when the music is playing. 

    I myself love a fun piano classic such as sonata for two by Mozart or Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin is another one of my favorite.

    I think it is ok for us to focus on our goals but you need unwind and relax for our health. Great tip 🙂

    • Sammie

      Hi Nuttanee,

      I am glad you have experienced the wonder of classical music to de-stress.

      In traditional Chinese writing, the word “music” and the word “medicine” are similarly written, the only difference between the two words is that the word “medicine” has an extra grass element on top of the word “music”. It is very interesting. That is why it is believed that music can heal. I learned about this miracle of classical music from this website:

      Enjoy your new discovery too!



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