Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tip No. 7

Welcome to the Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tip No. 7.

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Tip No. 7 – Eliminate Wheat From Your Diet

In Tip No. 7, I would like to share with you my findings on wheat, and why when you eliminate wheat from your diet, you enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Wheat of Today is Different from Wheat That Our Ancestors Eat


Yes, over the years, wheat has been changed dramatically both in structure, nutrition and productivity. It is now a foreign substance that our body cannot process properly and thus creating havoc to our body system leading to all types of diseases in people consuming them here in America.

Increase Blood Sugar Level Which Can Lead To Type 2 Diabetes

You feed healthy people with sugar, their blood sugar level goes up and that is normal.

You feed the same healthy people with two slices of whole wheat bread each, their GI increases to 72, even higher than six teaspoons of sugar that increases the GI to 59. That is abnormal!

We have always been educated to eating 70% complex carbohydrates, as recommended in the Food Pyramid diet.

However, the complex carbohydrate of whole wheat is called Amylopectin A which is ingested very efficiently by our body and increases our blood sugar rapidly. Our body then needs to produce a lot of insulin to bring that blood sugar down. If you have whole wheat bread for breakfast, wheat based snacks, whole wheat sandwich for lunch, wheat-based pasta for dinner, you will have high blood sugar, high insulin level, your blood sugar will rise and fall like a roller-coaster three to four times a day and over days, months, years, you get your organs surrounded by fats, leading to the stubborn belly fat, elephant legs, heavy bottoms, diabetes, joint problems, slow response of the brain and all sorts of diseases seen here in America.

Wheat is everywhere.  Wheat is present in all processed foods!


Wheat Contains Lectins Which Are Toxic To Our Small Intestines

The lectins from wheat are toxic to our body. In high quantities, they can remove the barriers in our small intestines and allow foreign substances to pass through into our blood stream. This is what is known as “leaky gut”. When foreign substances enter into our blood stream, it stimulates our immune system to defend them and over time can lead to autoimmune disorders.

When tested on laboratory rats, the lectin from wheat destroys their small intestines!

Wheat Is Like A Drug That Stimulates Our Appetite Making Us Want To Eat More

Have you ever had a meal of sandwiches, pasta, or anything that is wheat-based, and find yourselves wanting a second helping, a third helping and even thinking of eating it again for the next meal?

When that goes on meal after meal, day after day, month after month, we will find ourselves putting on weight that refuses to go away despite our increase in physical exercises. What is worse is that the weight always piles up at the wrong place; the belly, the thighs, the bottoms, under-the-chins…

What am I going to eat then? You may ask.

Well, the good news is: you can find many recipes online that do not contain wheat and yet give you the energy and nutrients that your body needs. The best to go for is whole foods, organic, unprocessed foods.

When you eliminate wheat from your diet, you will discover:

  •  Substantial Weight loss
  •  Lose the appetite stimulation thus reducing food obsession (always thinking of eating)
  •  Reduce joint pain
  •  Reduce blood pressure
  •  Increase energy, improve sleep
  •  Faster response from your brain (you think and move faster)
  •  Look younger

It takes a lot of determination for us to change our eating habits, so, find community groups or even online communities that have done the wheat elimination from their diets and they can share with you their success stories so that you can be wheat free and healthy!
Try this for yourselves and you will see the difference in a week or two, your body will be thankful to you.

Enjoy your journey to a wheat-free and happy lifestyle!



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