Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tip No. 8

Welcome to the Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tip No. 8.

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Tip No. 8 – Be Considerate For Others

A Childhood Education

When i was young, my parents and grandparents taught me to practice the value of “Be Considerate For Others” when doing anything for myself. Many years later, I realized that this act of putting others’ benefits before oneself is a traditional cultural value of many ethnicities. In short, it is an act of selflessness.

An Observation of Commuters in New York Subways

One morning, when i was getting onto the subway train, there were two people infront of me, also trying to board the train which was not too packed with some standing room. However, once these two people stepped onto the train, they stood at the doorway with their back facing me, not caring if there were anyone else behind them also trying to get onto the train whose door was about to close. In a hurry, i squeezed myself between them and stepped onto the train, just short of being slammed by the closing train doors.

This phenomenon is very common in New York subways where commuters getting off and boarding the train took their own sweet time and once in the train, they stood at the doorway unwilling to enter as if they are something scary inside the train. If we apply the  traditional value of “Be Considerate For Others”, once the train door opens, commuters wanting to get off will move out quickly and those who are boarding the train will move into the train quickly making use of all available space.

The following is a suggestion for the subway train staff: It would be less traumatic for passengers if the train can sound three chimes before closing all doors and make it a consistent practice for all trains, commuters will then not force open the doors since they have been given ample time of warning that the train doors are closing.

This overall practice  of “Be Considerate For Others” from both the commuters and the subway train staff will help the trains to arrive on time and everyone will enjoy a smoother ride on subway trains.

An Observation Of Vehicles in Traffic Intersections in Manhattan

While waiting to cross the road at a traffic junction in midtown Manhattan one afternoon, I saw a big truck entering the intersection when the traffic lights had already turned amber and there was not enough space for it to cross completely as the vehicles infront had already stopped moving forward. When the traffic lights turned red for the vehicles and the pedestrian walking lights turned green, the truck was unable to enter beyond the crosswalk as the street pedestrians began to cross the road, leaving the big truck stranded in the middle of the intersection and blocking it, causing traffic jam for vehicles approaching it from the left as their traffic lights had turned green and it was their turn to cross the intersection. We can often see such traffic jams in Manhattan during peak hours as some drivers are rushing for time and getting to their destinations are their top priority. But it usually have the opposite results when drivers are not considerate for others. If the traditional value of “Be Considerate For Others” applies here, the driver of the big truck will not cross the intersection when there is not enough space to cross the intersection completely. Thus it will not cause a traffic jam.

Agricultural Farming

When it comes to agricultural farming, if this theory of “Be Considerate For Others” applies, we will be able to enjoy fruits and vegetables that are free of synthetic pesticides as farmers will not want to feed their customers with produce that are contaminated with poisonous pesticides. Monsanto, the manufacturer of poisonous pesticides and GMOs will then have no market, its employees will not want to work for this company who is poisoning America and developing countries around the world with its poisonous pesticides. Monsanto will collapse naturally. This day will come when everyone practices the traditional value of “be considerate for others”, and we can all enjoy organic produce that are affordable for everyone.

It Starts From “Me” To Better My Environment

Yes, it always starts from Me first, then others will follow.

There are many other instances in our environment which we can help to improve by applying this traditional value of “Be Considerate For Others”.

Try applying this theory of “Be Considerate For Others” in your daily life and see the contributions you can make for a better environment.



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