Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tip No. 9

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Tip No. 9 – Get Back To Shape

Is your body out of shape?

Can you fit into that pair of pants that you used to wear 10 years ago?

If the answer is “No”, ask yourself:

Do you want to get back to shape?

If the answer is “YES”, read on….

The Creator gives man a body shape that is proportionate to enable him to move around elegantly. In ancient times, man needs to hunt for food. He has slim and lean body. Being active is part of his daily activity to survive.

Today, with agricultural advancement, we no longer need to hunt for food. We can buy produce at our local grocery stores and supermarkets to cook at home. We can also buy ready-to-eat food easily. We can also dine at restaurants. We only need to work at jobs to earn money to buy food. There are different type of jobs that can earn us our income. Jobs that require labor and jobs that require only seating infront of a computer or jobs that require minimal amount of moving around. For those jobs that do not require much activity, we need to exercise outside the working hours to get our body in shape. If we consume food that our bodies cannot convert into energy, they accumulate in our body as excess fats, clog up our blood circulations, our brains and over a period of time, our health starts to deteriorate.

We need food and water to survive. But eating the wrong food and water can also kill us over time.

Food, Activities and Body Shape

There is a saying: You are what you eat.

Eating the right food and having sufficient activities to convert the eaten food into energy can allow us to have a proportionate body and a clear mind to carry out our daily tasks.

Food that are created by nature (without chemicals, pesticides, weed-killers and additives) are best appreciated by our bodies and our bodies can function best after consuming these natural foods. Food with additives and chemicals to make them taste delicious, have a longer self and look good will not be recognized by our bodies and will not be processed properly. These added artificial ingredients get accumulated in our bodies if they cannot be passed out in time before more of them get into our bodies when we consume them every day and in greater quantities that our bodies can get rid of. As more and more of these foreign matters get built up in our bodies, they turn into toxins and messed up our organs and our health deteriorates.

When you walk on the streets, very often you see bodies like those in the pictures below:

Some bodies are so distorted that it is too painful to watch. It seems that those scientists who created the chemicals to add into our foods are quite successful at doing what they want to do. However, that is not the end of the story yet. As soon as people awaken to what is causing them to end up with disproportionate bodies like these, as soon as people realize that the food that they are seduced into eating are responsible for their deteriorating health, as soon as people realize they ought to be more educated at choosing what to eat and what not to eat, as soon as people learn to read the ingredients on the food packages that they buy and avoid those that contain harmful ingredients, as soon as people start to spend more of their money on organic food, organic produce, organic fruits, foods that are not contaminated with pesticides and weed killers, meat from animals that are free of hormones and antibiotics, that are pasture-raised, seafood that are wild-caught….and start to be involved in activities that burn off those excess fats in their bodies, things will turn around.

So how do we get there from here? With so many processed foods around us that taste delicious and we seem to be so addicted to them, how can we refrain from eating those processed foods and instead, feed ourselves with uncontaminated whole foods that nature produce for us?

It all has to start from “me”, from “myself” and then from “us” and then “we” can start to influence “others”. Together, you and I can influence the food industry to give us what we want by how we do our grocery shopping.

Take a Walk in A Park and the Streets

Although Manhattan in New York City is full of traffic, the authorities have preserved many public parks that retain trees and plants that have grown there for decades, the biggest one is Central Park. Take a stroll there and watch the squirrels climbing trees. If you are lucky, you can spot a few of them playing, chasing one another up the trees. Try to see if you can spot any fat and clumsy squirrel climbing trees. I am pretty sure it is difficult to find one. Why? Because they need to hunt for food and their daily activities are sufficient to convert all the food that they eat into energy.

However, if you walk along the streets, you can see many fat and clumsy pigeons picking at foods that people who ate those foods feed them.

Get the point?

Ask Yourself: Do You Want Back Your Body Shape And Want It Badly?

If the answer is “YES”!


Read on….

If the answer is “NO”, then I guess you would not have come this far on my website.

So I assume that your answer would be a “YES”!

What Next?

Start off by detoxing your body, read my post on Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tip No. 5: Removing Toxins From The Body.

At the same time, involved yourselves with sports activities, e.g join a jogging club, a cycling club, etc.

Activities in a park
Activities in a park

If you can’t fit them into your busy schedule yet, get up one hour earlier in the morning, put on your jogging shoes and take a jog or quick walk in the park. You will be able to see many joggers, walkers or cyclists with proportionate body shapes. Perhaps that can help to encourage you to move on.

Start eating whole organic foods. You can control what you put into your body by preparing your own food. If your current schedule is too busy, start preparing your own breakfast first. Once you find that eating your own prepared food without any added chemicals and additives gives you so much more energy to start off your day, you will find yourself wanting more of your own prepared meals, and it moves on from there ….


You have come this far!

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